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Train Delays on Track Civitavecchia-Roma
Train number
Current delay, based on the most recent stop (not necessarily visible in the table) or estimated (if the train has not yet stopped at any stations).
Detected delay The 3 lines in each colored box are: delay (minutes), planned stop time, and actual stop time. Box colors indicate delay amounts.
Delays and actual stop times are either detected (after a train has stopped) or expected. In case of missing data only the planned stop time is displayed.
Expected delay
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This page shows train delays in real time, obtained from the Viaggiatreno service and automatically refreshed every 5 minutes. Times and delays are referred to the moment when trains arrive at each station. All stop times (planned, detected, and expected) are obtained from Viaggiatreno.

If required, you can scroll the table below by dragging it with the mouse, by using the scroll bars, or by hovering on the side arrows.

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