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Train Timetable for track Civitavecchia-Roma
Terms and Conditions

General Terms

The information and the timetables published on this web site are made available solely as a useful service that travellers can take advantage of. No subjects, including the Trenitalia group, the FS Italiane group, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), as well as any other groups, parties, societies, associations, companies, organizations, or persons different from the author of this web site have played any role in producing, writing, processing, formatting, and publishing these information, with the sole exception of Trenitalia and Ferrovie dello Stato, which are the official data sources from which schedule information have been derived, and of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), which is the source of PDF files for in-station timetable boards.

While striving to keep this web site running and to ensure that the information published therein is correct and up-to-date, no guarantee is provided at all that the web site will always be available and timely updated, and no responsibility of any kind is assumed for possible mistakes and incompleteness in the published information. The only official data sources remain the Ferrovie dello Stato and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana web sites for the timetables and the Viaggiatreno service for real-time delays.

In an effort to limit the spread of inconsistent, incomplete, or out-of-date information, the following conditions apply:

  1. Usage of the information and of the timetables published on this web site is only allowed by displaying, downloading, and printing for personal consultation.
  2. Embedding references (links) to this web site within other web sites is allowed and encouraged. However, in order to ensure that any published piece of information is fresh and correctly retrieved from its original context, this web site adopts a technology that prevents direct links to files (timetables, etc.). It is therefore advised that such direct links are avoided, and links to the home page of this web site are used instead.
  3. With the exception of in-station timetable boards, other schedule information published in this web site is the result of a processing aimed at making them as easy and immediate to consult as possible. For this reason, including a copy of such information (e.g., obtained by "copy and paste" or by taking a "screenshot") within other web sites or within any other informative material however made available for the benefit of the public (e.g., prints, booklets, etc.) is forbidden, unless differently agreed upon with the author.
  4. In any case in which such inclusion is allowed, it is still requested that a reference to this web site is added to the included material.

The author of this web site is in no way associated with the external web sites it refers to, nor he is responsible for their contents (with the sole exception of a few comments or posts in blogs, where applicable).

Privacy and cookie policy

Responsible party for data handling and webmaster

Massimo Rimondini – email

Information collected inside logs

Some information about users visiting this web site may be recorded with the sole purpose of evaluating the amount and type of accesses to the web site itself. Such information are stored in electronic logbooks (typically, files) called logs, and include:

The IP address may allow identification of a device in subsequent browsing sessions of this web site, but it does not allow determining the user's identity.

Handling of the collected information

Logging information are stored on the servers that host this web site, which are managed by Altervista, a service offered by Banzai Media S.r.L.. The same information may always be occasionally moved to private computers that cannot be publicly accessed, in order to analyze the amounts of users accessing the web site or to perform troubleshooting.


What is a cookie

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored by the software (web browser) that the user is exploiting to access a web page, typically inside a file that is saved on the user's own machine. Cookies are used to keep information that is required for the correct operation of a web site or to store preferences that the user may have set during her visit. Other cookies can be used to collect statistics about the users' browsing patterns.

Cookies set by this web site

This web site utilizes the following types of cookies:

How to limit or prevent the usage of cookies

The user can deny her consent to have cookies stored by the web browser in several ways:

  1. by abandoning this web site and moving to a different web page, or
  2. by disabling analytical cookies using a browser add-on, or
  3. by applying suitable settings in the configuration of the web browser. For detailed instructions about how to proceed, please refer to the documentation of the web browser you are currently using.
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