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Train Timetable for track Civitavecchia-Roma
About the timetables

Train timetables

The timetables made available on this web site are derived from the information available on the web site of Trenitalia. To ensure that the timetables are correctly interpreted, this page briefly describes the procedure adopted to obtain them.

In order to simplify the process and to minimize the chance of introducing errors, most steps of this procedure are automated and subject to consistency checks. Errors and omissions cannot however be completely excluded (see the terms and conditions stated at the bottom of the page). In particular, since the timetables are based on the Civitavecchia station, the following assumptions hold:

Moreover, since the timetables are specific for the Civitavecchia-Roma Termini track, trains that stop at Roma Tiburtina are also omitted.

Timetable boards

Timetable boards in PDF format are relative to all trains arriving at, passing through, or departing from each station along the Civitavecchia-Roma track and are directly obtained from a service of the Rete Ferroviaria Italiana web site. They contain some additional information about train traffic and arrival/departure platforms. It should however be considered that these information may be subject to changes during the period in which the current train schedule is in force.

Changes since the last timetable

For convenience, a file that contains an overview of the changes applied since the last timetable is usually made available. This file consists of 2 paages: the first page shows the changes for the Civitavecchia→Roma direction, while the second shows the changes for the Roma→Civitavecchia direction. The left half of each page shows the timetable that was last in force, while the right half shows the current timetable. Coloured lines represent changes (cancelled/added trains, changes to the stops or stop hours).

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